Semester abroad in a quick check: Studying at the EDC Paris Business School

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As one of about 200 CBS students, Charlotte Weißenberg, Master’s student in the “International Business” study programme, started her year abroad in the summer semester 2019. Her choice: the renowned EDC Paris Business School in the heart of La Défense. She has now listed her impressions of EDC Paris Business and Paris using our quick check.

What you can experience at the EDC Paris Business School and in Paris:

1. Great flexibility during studies

“The EDC is located in La Defénse, the banking district of Paris. The entire campus will be rebuilt this year. The welcome of our French fellow students was very warm and they helped us to explore the campus. Since we took three courses, we went to the university about three to four times a week. The schedules change a lot and it can happen that you have the whole day in one week and none at all in the next week. Here you have to be a little flexible, because the organisation is not as structured as in Germany.”

2. French savoir-vivre

“I’ve also made friends for life in a very short time and learned a lot: I worked in show preparation for Rick Owens at the Paris Fashion Week, visited museums such as the Musée de l’Orangerie, took walks in the beautiful parks, ate croissants for breakfast and got to know French history and culture. I quickly felt at home and tried to live like a local in my neighbourhood”.

3. Cash injection for rent

“Every student at a French university can apply for a housing benefit called “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales” (CAF). The EDC Paris Business has its own contact persons to help students apply for the housing benefit and open a French bank account. Before departure, you should obtain an international birth certificate, which must be completed your place of birth. The application process for the CAF is very lengthy and can take three to four months”.

4. Scope for thesis-related research

“My professors at the EDC Paris were very helpful and understanding with regard to our master thesis. We could go home on demand to do our research for the thesis or meet our supervisors in Cologne”.

5. Great leisure activities for Internationals

“The University organises great leisure activities for international students, such as a trip to Disneyland Paris, a wine evening and a discovery tour of Paris nightlife. Various parties were also arranged – highly recommended!”

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You should be prepared for this:

1. Competitive housing market

“When I decided to spend my semester abroad at EDC Paris, my first task was to find a suitable accommodation. I looked at platforms like Airbnb, but couldn’t really find anything that was well located and inexpensive. I began to ask all my friends about apartments and was lucky that a fellow French student had forwarded the crucial contact to me. I contacted the landlord and signed a lease for an apartment in the 18th arrondissement, very close to Sacre Coeur. I lived there with a fellow student from the CBS, who also completed her semester abroad at the EDC with me. We paid 860 € each for a two 25 square metre room with bathroom and a small kitchen, which was all right for Paris”.

2. Queues in front of the libraries

“Since libraries are rare in Paris, there is always a queue in front of the Librairie du Cinéma le Panthéon. But I can strongly recommend the Librairie de L’Hôtel de Ville, for which you have to apply for a free library card.”

My conclusion:

“I can only advise anyone who has the chance to study and live in Paris: Take the opportunity! I will be grateful for this experience all my life. My French has improved considerably and my perception of cultural differences in the business environment has sharpened. I am now even more certain that the Master’s programme “International Business” was just the right decision.”

You can find all the information you need about the semester abroad at:

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Photos: Charlotte Weißenberg

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