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Participation at MBA Roundtable

All News, Faculty   -  21. April 2017

For its annual MBA Roundtable discussion, the leading publication for HR decision makers in the German-speaking world, Personalwirtschaft (Human Resource Management Magazine), invited leading representatives of major business schools in Germany to a collective exchange in Frankfurt. Attending on behalf of the Cologne Business School was Prof. Dr. Alessandro Monti, academic director of MBA programs at CBS.

Items on the agenda for expert deliberation included the influence of digitization as well as career expectations for students. Also a topic of discussion was the impact of political conflicts on MBA applications. For international students looking to enter into an MBA study program, the trend continues to complete their studies abroad, for example in Germany. Prof. Dr. Monti notes, “At the Cologne Business School, the share of international MBA students has exceeded 80 percent over the last three years. The programmewill continue to be of great interest to students from abroad looking to expand their qualifications by investing in their future. They see Germany as an especially attractive place to study while also the German labor market as being very interesting,” says Prof. Dr. Monti. CBS is particularly responsive to the needs of international students and offers exclusive German courses for MBA students, if needed.

Another topic of discussion was the Professional MBA. In contrast to the conventional MBA program, which is more of a generalist course of studies, the students here specialize in a specific subject area. But experts have a rather critical stance when it comes to the Professional MBA, which is why Prof. Dr. Monti pointed out that the MBA students at the Cologne Business School are deliberately opting for general management studies so as not to confine themselves to a specific function or industry. With its MBA programs, CBS is best prepared to offer students an all-rounded and well-founded management training. Further details on the results of the MBA Roundtable can be found in the April 2017 special edition of Personalwirtschaft.

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