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All Categories, Inside CBS   -  8. October 2015

New Students Integration Programs for General Management and Business Psychology BAs

In order to strengthen and support understanding among employees and, as a result, the working relationship and company output, many businesses hire coaches to put together team-building strategies.

When studying and preparing for exams, students also benefit from collaboration with classmates to better understand materials and subject matter of a specific course. An incessant prerequisite to do so, however, is that the persons in question both know one another and recognize how they each can benefit from one another. This would be the ideal result of any student team building exercise, yet at least at the end the participants know which classmates they prefer to spend their free time.

To promote such opportunities, programs like the New Students Integration have taken place at the Cologne Business School for years, where incoming freshmen are welcomed by upper classmates, who accompany them through team challenges.

For those students beginning the bachelor programs, General Management and Business Psychology, things got underway on Wednesday October 7th. Before noon 120 starting freshmen met up with the organizers from the CBS Corporate Identity Team as well as supporting faculty and staff members at the Rhein-Energie Stadium in Müngersdorf, where they spent the rest of the day in teams, all vying to win as a group.

Students were presented with numerous challenges that could only be overcome by working together as a team. Taking place under the stands at the south end of the stadium, which is otherwise home to the 1. FC Cologne’s most loyal fans, a diverse set of challenges were completed and points attained.

Summing up the mood, Annabel Durango, student organizer for the day’s events said, “It was an amazing day with lots of new, friendly faces! Even though the weather did not play along, everyone involved had a lot of fun and an unforgettable day. Once again, it was more than worth our while.”

Not far from the southwest corner of the playing field the organizers had set up a stand for food and refreshments providing nourishment to participants throughout the entire event. That evening, grills were fired up while music blared, paving the way for a lovely afternoon barbecue.

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