New publication: CSR and intercultural management

Faculty   -  4. December 2018

Just in time for the international CSR conference, the first print run of the new book in the management series Corporate Social Responsibility published by Springer Verlag. In the publication “CSR and Intercultural Management” by the editors and CBS professors Prof Dr Anja B. Karlshaus and Prof Dr Ingvill C. Mochmann, responsible corporate strategies in an intercultural context are discussed from a scientific and practical perspective. Using country-specific examples, the sometimes different understanding of sustainability will be clarified and possible approaches to dealing with it will be shown. Topics range from corporate volunteering and refugee engagement to examples of sustainable intercultural cooperation along the value chain. The book was also presented during the poster session at the “8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility”, which took place from November 14 to 16 in Cologne and was organized by the Cologne Business School.

CSR und Interkulturelles Management

Gesellschaftliche und unternehmerische Verantwortung international bewältigen

ISBN: 978-3-662-55230-8

277 pages

Link to the publisher’s page:

Cover: Springer Gabler

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