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All News, Faculty   -  12. October 2018

The anthology “CSR und Fußball” (CSR and football) by Marc Werheid and Matthias Mühlen is the first specialist publication with a strong focus on CSR and football. It was developed in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Sustainable Management and is dedicated in particular to perspectives, potentials, challenges and CSR measures in the context of football.

As alumni of the Cologne Business School, both editors have sound knowledge in the field of sustainable management. Since 2017, Matthias Mühlen has been team leader for members/social affairs at the football club VfL Bochum 1848 and is responsible for corporate social responsibility as part of his work. Marc Werheid has been a freelance consultant for M3TRIX GmbH since 2018 and is an expert and speaker in the field of corporate social responsibility and football.

Marc Werheid on the importance of CSR in professional football: “In practice, we are observing increasingly that corporate social responsibility is gaining in importance in football clubs and associations. Managing directors of football clubs are well advised to invest in sustainable management at an early stage: CSR measures can help to strengthen a brand and increase sales.”

About the publication

The anthology “CSR und Fußball” (CSR and football) is part of the management series Corporate Social Responsibility published by Springer Gabler. In it the authors discuss the individual perspectives of different participants on sustainable management in professional football, critically examine the current research literature and integrate a scientific perspective on this topic.

CSR und Fußball

Nachhaltiges Management als Wettbewerbsvorteil – Perspektiven, Potenziale und Herausforderungen

ISBN 978-3-662-57967-1

253 pages

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Cover: Springer Gabler

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