New Master specialization “Sustainable Management”

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  18. December 2018

The issue of sustainability has become the focus of entrepreneurial interest, as it is regarded as a key factor for the competitiveness of a company. Prospective managers are well advised to acquire a deeper understanding and specialist knowledge of sustainable management during their training. With the specialisation “Sustainable Management” in the Master’s programme”General Management”, the Cologne Business School is offering such a specialisation from the winter semester 2019 onwards. It combines current research knowledge with practical teaching units and was conceived in cooperation with the scientific CSR Competence Center Center for Advanced Sustainable Management at the Cologne Business School.

Various highlights are thrown on sustainability: Students are introduced to the topic of “Sustainable Corporate Management” and learn how companies and their supply chain can achieve long-term success by implementing suitable sustainable supply chain management tools. The main topic “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management” focuses on the innovative use of resources for the production and distribution of goods and services, whereas the topic “Sustainable Business Models in the Digital Context” discusses the opportunities and legal, ethical and economic issues of CSR in digitization.

“It is the right time for a paradigm shift in management. I am delighted that we have an innovative offer here for the next generation of specialists and managers,” says Prof Dr René Schmidpeter, Head of the Center for Advanced Sustainable Management (CASM) at the Cologne Business School. The new specialisation qualifies students to work, among other things, as CSR managers in the energy industry, universities and (environmental) organisations.

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