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Master Graduation 2018

News   -  12. September 2018

Looking to the future with trust, courage and curiosity

Mainz, 9/3/2018 – When young people dressed in black cap and gowns and blue sashes stand in the Gold Hall at the Hilton Mainz, the time has finally arrived: another Master’s student of the European Management School (EMS) has successfully completed two years of business studies, internships, foreign language and soft skill classes. During a festive ceremony and with the applause of relatives and friends, the Master’s graduates from General Management and International Business proceeded into the banquet hall to receive their diplomas.

The Academic Director of the EMS, Prof. Dr. Alexander Westenbaum, in his opening speech, and the Head of the EMS, Prof. Dr. Uwe-Wilhelm Bloos, during his graduation speech, both greeted the guests and congratulated the graduates on successfully completing this stage of their lives. Prof. Bloos once again emphasized that “the transition from studies to working life is anything but an unimportant transition” and gave the newly graduated students three words of wisdom for their future: “Have confidence in yourself, have the courage to make decisions and never stop learning!“ Only with confidence in one’s own abilities and knowledge, as well as making courageous decisions and standing up for one’s own position, can you convey trust also to third parties, and thus lay an important foundation for a successful career.

Stephan Pult, a General Management graduate, invited his fellow students to look back at the past four semesters with him, at the shared experiences during their studies, and was particularly pleased that together they mastered the last big hurdle – their Master’s thesis. Pult shared insights about the graduates future plans and aspirations. With his speech, undoubtedly one of the highlights of the evening, Pult showed his extraordinary rhetorical and comedic talent.

After Prof. Bloos presented the graduates with their diplomas, Remy Mann and Stephan Pult received an additional award as top of class for the respective programs International Business and General Management. Finally, after all diplomas had been presented individually and with great applause, the entire Class of 2016 returned to the stage for the traditional throwing of the caps.

The EMS team also congratulated the new alumni and wished them, with the words of Prof. Bloos, “Do not just keep your university, the EMS, in good memory, but continue to be an active member of the EMS family. Pass on your knowledge and skills, let us all remain curious and never stop learning from each other! “

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