Magazine “die wirtschaft”: Brave new business world?

All News, Faculty   -  10. December 2019

If you ask leading politicians and entrepreneurs about the economic world of the future, they wish for a paradigm shift that puts the common good before the mere profit maximization. It is clear that the time has come for a radical turnaround in the economy if you consider the current debate on climate change and its devastating effects.

But is our society really heading for a new way of doing business? According to Prof Dr René Schmidpeter, Director Center for Advanced Sustainable Management (CASM), the foundation stone has been laid. He explained in an article of the magazine “die wirtschaft” that the question of the role of business could now be radically discussed due to the change in social consciousness.

Companies could now see this change as an opportunity to position themselves competitively in terms of a sustainable economy: As many as 181 of the world’s largest companies, such as Amazon, Apple and Walmart, would already be pioneers in this respect. They would no longer pursue profit maximization, but the positive social impact as their primary goal.

Find the article here.

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