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Internationals visit Haus der Geschichte in Bonn

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  8. March 2017

In order to get to know the German culture, the International Students at CBS have the opportunity to take part in activities throughout the country. Last week, they visited the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn:

The Haus der Geschichte is the most visited museum in the city and we were able to do a guided tour. For one hour and a half we learned the details about German history from the world wars until present day including the differences in life style during the time when the country was divided. We saw pictures as well as some belongings of the people that lived in Germany during that time.

Our guide told us the very interesting stories in a dynamic way. We were able to participate by asking and answering questions and giving our opinion on certain matters. There is still so much to learn about German history and the Haus der Geschichte delivered the information in a very engaging way that kept us paying attention every second. We were very pleased with the visit.

After the visit to the museum we all had lunch together at a Mexican restaurant in the city center of Bonn. We used the time to talk and were able to get to know each other a lot better that way.

Text: Jani Roman, Master Student International Tourism Management from Peru

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