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Foodfair/Speakdating Event

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  8. October 2015

Kosten Sie doch mal!

On September the 29th, another great I´StIP event took place. Over 60 students joined us for this intercultural night in the CBS Cafeteria. The event started with the Speakdating. A total of 16 different languages were spoken by the participants that night. The students were divided into groups that spoke different languages and had 10 minutes to teach each other main phrases in their mother tongues and share a little about their culture. After 10 minutes, all tables had to mix into new groups and repeat the process. After several rounds, students could say some phrases like “hello”, and “I love you” in at least 4 different languages. The speakdating was a successful and fun way to learn new languages and people from the different countries.

The second point in the agenda was announcing the winner of our Crazy 88 Competition: The three best groups all got a certificate for achieving the most points in the challenge and the winner team also received beautiful CBS hoodies. They were thrilled with their prices!

After this, the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived, it was time to open the buffet. Almost 10 cafeteria tables were needed to place all the delicious and exotic dishes the students had prepared. Since we have so many nationalities, the dishes they brought were very diverse! All students enjoyed trying the food from all around the world, along with some German Kölsch. Food went from German dishes like Kartoffelsalat and Kaiserschmarrn, to foreign dishes such as malay fried rice, Korean dumplings, Mexican fajitas de pollo, polish Zapiekanka, Italian tiramisu and many many other exquisite plates!

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