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Food Fair /Speak-Dating Event

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  7. March 2016

On the 3rd of March the I´StIP event Food fair and Speak-dating took place in the cafeteria of our university.

This is in event where we take advantage of our multicultural students´ backgrounds to create a diverse and fun evening.

We started with the speak-dating part at 6pm. Since we had more than 65 students joining us, we had 15 different languages. These included Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Persian, Korean, etc. The students were split up into small groups with at least two different languages spoken and had 10 minutes to teach each other some of the main words and phrases in their respective language. After the time was up, the groups were mixed, and they started over in new languages. At the end, all students were able to say at least “hello” in more than 10 languages, as well as hear a little about each other´s home countries. It is also a great opportunity for the students to get to know each other.

Apart from the language, one of the main things each nationality has and loves is food. This is why the second part of the night was our international food fair. Each student had to prepare a typical dish from their home country. Since we had so many nationalities the buffet was very diverse and delicious. All students enjoyed the large variety of dishes that were served.

At this event, we also announced the winners of our last event, “The Crazy 77” which was a group of seven people. The members of the winning team all received beautiful CBS T-shirts as a prize.

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