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Flea Market and Currywurst

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  21. September 2015

International guest students of the Cologne Business School visit Bonn

After the official welcoming ceremony and the “Crazy 88” activity for the in-coming study abroad students, the Cologne Business School’s Corporate Identity Team accompanied the 54 internationals to Bonn at a flea market held in the Rheinaue Park.
Such activities and excursions are part of the International Students Integration Programs, which are put on for visiting study abroad students by the CI team in collaboration with the International Office at CBS.

Certainly flea markets are not an attraction purely indigenous to Germany, but the things you find here differ greatly from the average cellar contents, which are common in other countries. Also interesting for the internationals was the Currywurst stand, a must in this country for any outdoor activity.

After having stocked up on souvenirs and getting their fill at the sausage stand, it was on to the Bonn’s city center, which was explored in detail. Being that there is a factory outlet for candy maker, Hans Rigel located here also prompted some participants to stock up on Gummy Bears and other sweets for the next few months.

So there was something for all tastes. Whereas some decided to go for a leather jacket or something “typically German”, others found their fortune at a factory outlet. One thing is for sure; everyone got their fill of the former capital and returned to Cologne fully satisfied.

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