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EMS receives top ranking in the graduate barometer 2018

News   -  12. September 2018

The European Management School (EMS) in Mainz receives high rankings under the top ten in the “trendence Absolventenbarometers” (graduate barometer 2018)

A definite reason for excitement at the European Management School (EMS): In the current graduate barometer of the market research company trendence, the university received ranks within the top ten of all surveyed universities in various key categories. Among the private universities the EMS received top ranks in almost all categories.

From September 2017 – February 2018, the company trendence surveyed around 55,000 students at 200 German universities, including both state and private institutions. Particularly in the area of “Service and Consulting”, the EMS ranked fourth among all institutions of higher education and third, against well-known competitors, among private universities. In area of satisfaction in regards to lecturers and professors, internationality of the study programmeor the practical relevance the EMS also received rankings in the top ten. In particular, the professional competence of lecturers was of significant importance for more than 90% of all students involved in the survey. The EMS management team is extremely pleased that the development in this category was also perceived very positive by its own students.

In total, the EMS students awarded their university a grade of 1.8, thus confirming the respective rankings in the individual categories. Not only did this result show an increase in average overall satisfaction compared to the previous year, but it also shows top rating on the grading scale of 1 to 7. This shows that a clear majority of around 90% of EMS students recommend their university to other future students.

In addition to the satisfaction of the students – which is on average above that of students attending state institutions – the survey provided further important insights. Not only does the typical EMS student have an above-average command of English, he/she is also preferably interested in a career in the automotive, logistics or tourism industry and is passionate about global corporations such as the Lufthansa Group, Porsche AG, Google or Procter & Gamble. Important for future graduates are the internationality, a high degree of personal responsibility and, in regards to remuneration, a performance-related salary.

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