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EMS Career Day 2019 – Network, Share, Inform

Karriere, News   -  28. March 2019

Largest recruiting event at the EMS inspires participants and companies

“Use days like the EMS Career Day for networking and to be seen; this way you create a lasting impression!“ The students of the European Management School (EMS) definitely made a lasting impression on the exhibiting companies of the EMS Career Day. Not only Jean-Pierre Kossack, Manager at the personnel consultancy Oliver James Associates, was more than convinced of the quality and qualification of the students. The other recruiters also emphasized the extremely good preparation, determination and motivation of the EMS students:

“Our goals and expectations for the Career Day were absolutely fulfilled! The students were definitely high quality and very outgoing”, Christian Lamneck, Lidl Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG.

“Top prepared students! Fabienne Amend, VRM Service GmbH & Co. KG.

“Our expectations of the Career Day were exceeded, super students! Very friendly and courteous, committed and interested with the desire to succeed! We are thrilled! Kira Rick, Enterprise Car Rental Germany B.V. & Co. KG.

“The organisation was very good and we were able to get in touch with many students. Very interested and motivated young people. We look forward to coming back! Maximilian Schmidt, ille Papier-Service GmbH.

“The students were very interested and well prepared. Theresa Emsbach, Boeing Global Services.

At the beginning of the event, it was first up to the representatives of the exhibiting companies to give the students a convincing impression of what the junior staff can expect when entering their company. After EMS Director Prof. Dr. Uwe-Wilhelm Bloos officially opened the Career Day 2019 at the neighboring Cultural Centre Mainz (KUZ), the employers presented their USPs, entry options and benefits in short pitches.

The students were then able to convince themselves in person at the information stands of the companies within the rooms of the EMS. Recruiters and students discussed entry options as well as mutual ideas and expectations both in open discussions at the booths and in speed dating appointments given in advance. In many cases this way very successful – several students received offers for internships, working student jobs, or entry after graduation directly during the Career Day:

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During the parallel program, the students were able to experience a day as a consultant at KPMG in an interactive case study, discuss career entry after graduation with Oliver Kipcic, Managing Director of HR Consulting Oliver James Associates, and to be inspired by company founder Dr. Yassin Hankir to set up their own company. Even when considering all the risk in Germany surrounding the establishment of a start-up, Hankir stressed, “Do not be deceived, over 90% of start-ups fail! But, the value of what one learns by founding one’s own company is more than worth it!” He then gave the student insight from his own experience. The most important thing is motivation – “Ask yourself what is important to you, what drives you?” Impact – “What can I do with my idea, what can my product achieve? How can I develop innovations from learning or dissatisfaction?” Assertiveness – “The world does not wait for your product. Don’t be effected by negative criticism, but don’t be blinded; use constructive feedback to improve your product. Once again: As young people, with a good education, you have nothing to lose. Even after a failure, you will always find your way back into the business.”

The latter also became clear in the previous panel discussion: “Germany has been a candidate market for a few years”, emphasized Oliver Kipcic, Managing Director of the personnel consultancy Oliver James Associates. It is up to the companies to rethink and adapt to the requirements of the applicants, nevertheless it is important that the expectations of the employees and the employers meet in the middle: “It must also fit. Exchange is very important and young employees in particular develop further by getting to know companies and the world of work itself,” said Kipcic. The students participating in the discussion, Vanessa Gebhardt and Helen Horneck, also wished for a better exchange between employees and employers: “We often notice a great discrepancy between our ideas and those of the employers. For us, not only hard facts such as a good salary count, but also flexible working hours, flat hierarchies or values such as sustainability, sympathy and pleasure in the job – and the employer’s confidence in the employees’ qualifications.

Rauno Gierig, Head of Marketing and Communication at the EMS, underlined the value of a personal, individual profile: “Develop a story and present yourself well – also in your CV. The quality of the preparation is important; nobody can say ‘I can’t do anything’. There are so many starting points in the CV, what matters is what you do with it.”

Finally, Kipcic encouraged the participants not only to be guided by big or well-known names when selecting companies, but also to explicitly look around the B2B market, which is little known to end consumers: “There are many great and above all grateful companies here!

Students received crucial tips on how to be optimally prepared for interviews with companies during individual consultation with HR trainer and career consultant Britta Hesse. In additional Q&A sessions, Ms. Hesse answered questions on topics such as questions in the job interview, defining one’s own salary expectations or the right appearance.

Even before the extremely successful Career Day 2019 ended with a get-together accompanied by DJ Dennis Smith, the students had already made up their minds:

“The Career Day was again a complete success. It is great that the EMS continues to offer this day in this form. Every year there are great opportunities for the students”, Patrick Kühne, EMS Student, BA International Business.

“It was worth it! I thought it was a successful, informative and super organized event”, Vanessa Gebhardt, EMS student, MA Business Psychology.

“Cool exchange and input! I will definitely participate again”, feedback sheet.

This excellent opportunity will definitely present itself again: at the EMS Career Day 2020. The EMS Career Service and Corporate Relations department is available for interested companies and suggestions from participants at [email protected].

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