Detecon Consulting Workshop: Organizational ambidexterity as a success factor for companies

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  8. November 2018

The studies at the Cologne Business School are characterized by a high degree of practical relevance. Guest lectures by company representatives from different industries and functional areas are essential parts of the lectures in all study programs, as they give students an exclusive insight into the world of work and prepare them optimally for their career start.

Such a practice-oriented event took place during the course “Organizational Behaviour” by Prof Dr Ihar Sahakiants in the MBA program. Two representatives of Detecon Consulting, one of the leading technology management consulting companies, offered an interactive workshop on the topic of “Organizational Ambidexterity” on October 25th. Samuel Schwab, Business Analyst at Detecon Consulting and alumnus of the Cologne Business School, describes this term in an article as follows: “Borrowed from medicine, “ambidexterity” means companies that are able to use existing resources to maximize their core business and strive to generate new knowledge and skills to develop new technologies and innovative business models.”

Under the direction of Malte von Hofe, Senior Consultant, and Samuel Schwab the MBA students received comprehensive information about the company Detecon Consulting, its expertise in the field of digitization and about the relevance and challenges of ambidexterity in an organisational context. “The organisational ambidexterity is essential for the sustainable success of a company. We were therefore very pleased that the students showed such great interest in this subject area which they will encounter more frequently in professional practice”, said Malte von Hofe.

However, the focus of the event was on the interactivity. In the spirit of executive coaching – which is one of Detecon Consulting’s special areas of expertise – the workshop consisted of several situational activities, group work and discussions that gave MBA students the opportunity to recognize the significance of ambidexterity in modern organisations and to learn to appreciate the corresponding diversity of perspectives.

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