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All News, Inside CBS   -  23. June 2016

Cologne Business School now active on Snapchat


Anyone seeking the college-life experience at Cologne Business School can find out more about CBS activities via Snapchat and Instagram Stories – and you don’t have to be a current, former or prospective student to do so.

On both channels our students give an insight into events on campus, field trips, company visits, guest lectures and more. Those interested in the campus life at CBS are able to experience the events live, get to know the students and get a personal look behind the scenes.

It pays off to follow the CBS Snapchat channel as well as to take a look into Instagram Stories regularly: Our students post different informative content on both channels even if they are covering the same event. On Snapchat it is not only possible to follow CBS events, but also to send messages such as photos and videos to Cologne Business School.

Posts uploaded on Snapchat and Instagram Stories can be viewed for up to 24 hours and cannot be liked or commented. Follow @studycbs on Snapchat and @colognebusinessschool on Instagram.

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