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CBS Sustainable University

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  28. September 2015

Whether talking about climate change, social inequality or resource scarcity: The challenges facing our society are great. In order to create a just and sustainable world, above all we need more knowledge, skills as well as awareness about the need for change. Universities play a key role. Operating as training centres for future decision makers, universities hold a special responsibility to serve as role models for society. Therefore, a clear commitment to sustainability leads to long-term positive developments in society. A sustainability-oriented education thus fosters a sustainable future.

CBS recognizes these challenges and therefore, consistently strives to align teaching, research and management with principals of sustainable development and the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. By further integrating social responsibility and sustainability into university operations, CBS would like to take on a innovative pioneering role in the German education landscape and continue to expand its expertise in the field of sustainable management training. Key topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), economic and corporate ethics and sustainability are already firmly anchored in the curricula of CBS’s various departments.

The university began to intensify its involvement in this area through participation in the CCI Cologne’s project “Ökoprofit” (Eco-profit), which especially develops the economic aspects of creating a sustainable university. The economic development programmeECOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology) helps with the optimal use of resources and the reduction of operating costs through environmental and climate protection measures. It is a collaborative effort between the city of Cologne, local economic actors and other partners. By helping companies reduce operation costs, the project fosters sustainable economic development.

This spring representatives of renowned Cologne-based companies such as Köln Messe, Köln Bonn Airport, Kölner Zoo, EADS, 1. FC Köln and ASV Köln visited CBS to learn about the CBS sustainable management system.
With the Sustainable University project, CBS strives to include its three key stakeholder groups: employees, students and organisation in the successful integration of innovative and practical approaches to sustainability.

Through the project, Cologne Business School is not only striving to develop into a more sustainable university, but has also the goal of becoming a certified Eco-profit operation by Spring 2016.

CBS has already begun certain sustainability projects and others are in the process of being implemented. In addition to technical solutions, a sustained behavioural change among staff and students is required. Only through active participation of all stakeholders can CBS develop into a truly sustainable university.

This is not only something we say; we truly want to integrate all actors. Help us by sending us your ideas of how to make CBS more sustainable.

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