CBS deepens university partnership with NCCU and Providence University

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  29. October 2018

As an ambassador of the Cologne Business School, Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich recently visited the partner universities in Taiwan. Her journey began at Providence University in Taichung, with which the Cologne Business School has a long-standing partnership. Among other things, both universities cooperate in the “3+1 Program”, in which Taiwanese students study for three years at their home university and one year at the Cologne Business School. The graduates of the study programmeacquire with successful conclusion a Double Degree, which is recognized world-wide.

Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich gave a guest lecture at Providence University on the topic “The importance of strategic supply management in the context of sustainability, digitization and globalization”, during which she also took up the work of the Center of Advanced Sustainable Management, the research center for sustainable management at CBS. Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich then took the time to introduce the 3+1 programmeand the daily routine at the Cologne campus to the students: “Our Double Degree Program met with great interest among the students because it offers the best prerequisites for a career in international companies due to the demanding curriculum and the intensive international experience.

On her campus tour, the President was also able to form her own impression of the partner university, which, with over 14,000 students, is one of Taiwan’s larger universities. Nevertheless, the average group size in the courses is between 12 and 23 persons. Many of the business administration seminars such as “Global Business Ethics” and “Human Resource Management” are offered in English, as the university in Taiwan’s third largest city is a popular destination for visiting students.

Stronger cooperation in research and faculty exchange

Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich paid her second visit to the National Chengchi University in the capital Taipei. It is regarded as one of the oldest and leading universities in Taiwan and is distinguished by its focus on the humanities, social sciences and economics. A buddy programmeis also available for foreign students, where they are supported by Taiwanese students during their stay. Since 2009, the Cologne Business School has been fostering a successful exchange during the semester abroad.

“At the National Chengchi University I met with President Prof Edward Chow, Vice Dean of the NCCU College of Commerce Shari S.C. Shang and Vice President for International Cooperation Prof Mei-Fen Chen in order to further deepen our university partnerships. We would be happy to cooperate more closely in the future in the area of Faculty Exchange and research cooperation on CSR and sustainability, but also in the area of digitization,” explained Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich. An intensive exchange on the topic of “Procurements 4.0” has already taken place with Prof Shang. The NCCU College of Commerce is considered to be the best university for economic sciences in Taiwan, at which a total of 16 research centers are promoting topics such as risk management.

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