Business Project with ROYAL CANIN

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  2. August 2019

Our students from the “International Business” programme presented their concept to representatives of ROYAL CANIN’s regional Head Office to crown the joint business project. The students had worked for four months under the direction of Dr Nils Finger, Chair of Supply Chain Management, on new sub-strategies for a further supply chain optimization.

Greater customer satisfaction through optimized processes

The four project groups were given the task of analysing an important logistics function in the company’s supply chain by their practical partner. In doing so, they examined various scenarios in order to be able to further optimize ROYAL CANIN’s already very good supply chain on the basis of concrete questions – all under the premise of being able to reach every customer in the German-speaking region within a very short delivery time.

It was also part of the order volume of the project teams that they should examine existing set-ups more closely and developing concrete suggestions on how the entire supply chain could be further improved. The focus here was on central questions of supply chain management: Through which factors can orders to be processed even faster and more smoothly? How do they contribute to further improving customer satisfaction with the delivery? And how can such a supply chain be implemented in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner?

Communicating with the customer

As is usual in consulting projects, the students were responsible for obtaining detailed questions from their customer. Once a week, they had short meetings with their lecturer to report on their progress and ask questions to the client. Dr Nils Finger forwarded them to their contact at ROYAL CANIN. A personal meeting between the teams and their client took place at the kick off, the mid-term (SteerCo) meeting and two further Face2Face sessions on campus as well as the final presentations at ROYAL CANIN.

For master student Annika Dobner, the joint business project was a special experience: “I was able to take a lot with me from working with ROYAL CANIN. Our practice partners were very open and committed, so we worked together as equal partners’ right from the start. We quickly reached our milestones and received a lot of praise for our concept”.

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