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Welcoming the International Exchange Students

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  21. January 2016

As of Monday, January 25 nearly 100 students from around the world have taken up studies at the Cologne Business School.

As every year, the summer semester at CBS is especially marked by its international character. While each fifth semester student of the English-language Bachelor degree programs spends a semester at one of CBS’s more than 100 partner universities, the students those universities continue their studies in Cologne.

Most heavily represented in this summer are students from Indonesia. The group consists of 13 people, followed closely by 10 Mexicans and 8 Koreans. The remaining „internationals“ come from 27 other nations.

Completely looked after by the staff at CBS’s International Office for the duration of their stay in Cologne, they will, in addition to their studies, also explore several of the attractions the Rhineland has to offer.

Katharina Genz, exchange student coordinator at the International Office, is looking forward to the coming months, “Each year the international students provide an absolute enrichment for campus life. And each of the many events are always ensued by a special, cultural exchange that is a benefit to all.”

According to Katharina Genz, „There have never been any problems thus far. We at the International Office help the students overcome any of the hurdles in their way while in Cologne. The bureaucratic procedures in Germany can be especially challenging for many, so we offer information sessions to everyone. We also provide support where necessary when it comes to searching for an apartment. The semester is enriched thanks to the many excursions and events we offer, so that the students can get to know each other, the region and Germany. A “student buddy program” is there to support international students with their integration into Germany. And when it’s all over everyone looks back on an eventful and unforgettable semester.”

In the meantime all internationals have been made familiar with the campus and the numerous facilities at the university, their laptops logged into the CBS WiFi and final preparations taken care of so that nothing stands in the way for the lectures ahead.

Just one week later, on Monday, February 1st , the embassy of a Cologne Carnival society stops by to acquaint the many guests with the rituals of the year’s upcoming „fifth season“.
We wish all internationals a great time at the Cologne Business School!

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