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Alumni Homecoming 2015

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  30. September 2015

Summer Festival for Cologne Business School Alumni

The annual summer festival for the alumnae and alumni, short: Alumni Homecoming (lat./engl.), was scheduled to take place on 12 September in the Campus Garden at CBS, but due to the rather autumnal weather, the festivities were held in the cafeteria instead.

This, however, did not rain on the good mood, making way for a pleasant afternoon and an enjoyable evening. Assisted by a slew of colleagues and students, Professor Dr. Hummel welcomed the arriving guests while also inviting them to sit in on the numerous general studies events, career events and numerous festivals taking place throughout the semester.

Welcoming everyone on behalf of the management board were Katrin Flöther and Henriette Stieger from CBS Alumni e.V., a registered association, who also thanked all who had helped in the preparation of the festival by presenting them with a small gift. The two reported on the recent activities of the association and appealed to their fellow students to join as well. Next, they re-introduced the up-and-running and already successful mentoring program, in which alumni sponsor current students by making themselves available to aid in securing internships and helping out with career planning. Both calls for action did not go unheard.

After a glass of champagne and the usual, “So what are up to?” the grills had reached operating temperature and the salads served. There was plenty of news to go around, yet of course, it was all the old stories from “BACK IN THE DAY” that were the talk at the tables.

Over the course of the evening, it came time to hand out a special award. For the second time, the “Alumni of the Year” award was to be presented. Proposals for candidates were accepted over a longer period, which led to several nominations. Finally, though, it was Henriette Stieger, who was elected, and likely a consensus was met that thanks to her years of tireless efforts, no one was worthier of the award.

In keeping with the association’s logo, „Everything in Orange“, a raffle was held, the prizes for which – all in orange – ranged from small pralines to precious champagnes. The closer it came to the main prizes, the higher the mood and intensity.

Out of consideration for the neighbors, the evening ended at 10 o’clock. For the organizers, the event was a big success as several attendees on their way out agreed to return for the Alumni Homecoming 2016.

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