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Inside CBS

All News, Inside CBS   - 12.09.2017
The mood at this year's N'StIP could not have been any better for incoming freshman, thanks to fantastic summer weather and all kinds of activities.
All News, Inside CBS   - 04.09.2017
On August 26th, CBS officially said goodbye to both the 94 masters and 23 MBA students of the 2015 class at Halle Tor 2.
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All News, Faculty   - 21.04.2017
Prof. Dr. Monti took part in the discussion of the German publication for HR decision makers "Personalwirtschaft".
All News, Faculty   - 06.03.2017
Social bots, fake news and other forms of disruptive intervention in opinion-making processes have both a public and political impact.
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Mit ihren 59 Unternehmen an 34 Standorten in 15 Ländern ist die Klett Gruppe ein führendes Bildungsunternehmen in Europa.
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