5th CBS Career Day: Female paths in management positions

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  12. December 2018

Under the motto “Gender Diversity in Purchasing”, the CBS Career Day „Einkauf und Personal“ (“Purchasing and Human Resources”) networked CBS students with companies for the fifth time. As one of the many networking events on campus, the Career Day offers students the opportunity to establish direct contact with companies at an early stage.

This year Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Fröhlich welcomed company representatives from Esprit, Wind & Vibes, Lush, KPMG, SAP, Lanxess, Bäro, TÜV Rheinland, Great Place to Work, AMC, eismann, Babor, Hüttenes-Albertus, Ströer and Kerkhoff Consulting to the campus. In particular, the guest speakers discussed the question “How self-sufficient can women shape their path in purchasing /management positions?” and gave tips for career planning in their lectures.

1. Gundula Ullah (Esprit): Lean in!

Which “ingredients” promote a successful career in supply chain management? In her presentation, Gundula Ullah, Vice President Central Procurement Non-Merchandise at Esprit, compared competencies with components of a “magic potion” that acts as a real career booster. As a basic ingredient, she took expert knowledge in her own field, which she enriched with high motivation and good work results. Everything would be rounded off by regular feedback rounds and the development of a professional network.

2. Lisette Nap (DB Schenker): Never miss a good opportunity!

Lisette Nap, Vice President Global Ocean Solutions at DB Schenker, described a female perspective on leadership in her presentation. A successful career path depended for her on the inner attitude. Using her own career path, she recommended that students courageously embark on new paths and always seize good opportunities. She had assumed the position of Head Verticle Market Healthcare APAC in Singapore for a year and a half – an experience from which she had profited greatly.

3. Sandra von Möller (BÄRO GmbH): Network!

Managing Director of BARO GmbH, founder of the “KIDSmiling” association and Vice President of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce are just a few of Sandra von Möller’s current positions. Born in Freiburg, Sandra von Möller began her professional career as a lawyer and knows about the hurdles of a female career. Due to pregnancies, part-time work and a lack of networks in companies, the advancement of female executives faces different challenges than those of men. She advised the students to build up their professional network at an early stage, which would serve as a safety net in difficult times.

4. Franzika Görz (Lush): Find what suits you!

Franziska Görz, Creative Buyer at Lush, said that the greatest satisfaction in one’s job was doing a meaningful job. She herself works for a company whose values and goals she supports and whose products stood for sustainability in purchasing and recipes. According to the purchasing expert, there is no better career booster than a deep passion for the job and an employer to identify with.

5. Tamara Braun (SAP): Find a mentor!

In 2005, Tamara Braun, Head of Purchasing at SAP, started as Head of EMEA Finance Shares Services at the German software company and has gradually climbed the career ladder ever since. Her most important advice to the students was to find mentors within a company in good time who would promote their own career path. When she hesitated to make career decisions, it was her mentor who gave her courage for the next step in her career.

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