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3rd place at IACBE Student Competition

All News, Inside CBS   -  17. May 2017

Taking part in the annual IACBE conference held in San Francisco April 18-21 were four CBS International Business Masters students, who competed in the IACBE Student Case Study Competition on the subject, Business Ethics. For two days, Franka Hüsch, Sophia Schmidt, Babett Theuer and Isabel Arens demonstrated their abilities as they worked on and presented on case studies both of their own selection as well as ones assigned by a jury. With their presentations, the four CBS students were able to impress the jury and won third place in the Student Case Study Competition.

For their self-selected case study, the CBS participants prepared a presentation on the maladministration and insolvency that went on at the company, Schlecker as well as an analysis of the ethical economic relevance. Another feature of the competition was to crack an unknown case. With just four hours time to prepare, the students had to put together and present an analysis on the topic, “Data Protection and Apple” basing their findings on economic theories.

Summing up their participation in the student competition, Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers, who was on location together with Prof. Dr. Markus Raueiser and President Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Fröhlich, states that “from an analytical standpoint, the students approached the task with excellence, and their presentation techniques were impressive. Even in the Q & A session, which was also part of the competition, they really managed to hold their own.” For the four students, the stay in San Francisco was an experience they will never forget: “It was an honor to represent CBS at the IACBE Student Case Study Competition, and we are proud to have won third place. Not only did we learn a lot about cultural differences, but we also got to know interesting and experienced professors and students from a wide range of universities. On top of that, we were able to get deeply involved with the subject of business ethics and have taken valuable insights home with us. All the work and the long trip definitely paid off. We would recommend taking advantage of such opportunities to everyone.”

The four Masters students Sophia Schmidt, Isabel Arens, Babett Theuer and Franka Hüsch with the President Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Fröhlich, Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers and Prof. Dr. Markus Raueiser.

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