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Living in Cologne

Anyone who has ever searched for an apartment already knows that appointments for viewing do not exactly fall from the sky. Especially in large cities, the search for an apartment is not very easy, and Cologne is no exception. On the contrary and due to the influx of students at the numerous universities in Cologne, the demand for single apartments and shared flats is quite high. Especially if the living space is affordable and centrally located, the competition among those looking for apartments is particularly fierce.

But what options are available when looking for a place to stay in Cologne? The most popular is certainly by searching on online apartment and housing websites. Here, both agents and owners advertise their vacant apartments and offer users the opportunity to get in contact. Similar platforms are also available for shared flats. Whoever decides to go this route needs to be quick. In most cases, those offering a space receive more requests within the first few minutes than they could ever honour with viewing appointments. So checking back regularly on the various websites can be worthwhile.

Those who study at the Cologne Business School will also be able to benefit from the numerous housing offers from the Cologne Student Union, which operates 88 dormitories with over 4,500 rooms. What’s more, it has its own website with private accommodations on offer. Usually this is only available to students from the University of Cologne and other public universities – but as the only private university in Cologne to cooperate with the Cologne Student Union, CBS students may also take advantage of this opportunity. So apply for a room or apartment early on, because experience shows that demand for the Cologne Student Union’s generally quite affordable apartments is high.

If you do not want to handle all of this yourself, you should consider going the direct route and contacting a realtor. Though you will have to pay a finder’s fee, this is probably the most convenient method of all. However, it is also important that you contact your realtor of trust as soon as possible, as he/she will most likely not be able to shake a suitable property out of his/her sleeve right away.

Another method is via social media. On Facebook & Co. there are different groups, which deal exclusively with the issue of accommodations. This has led to the development of “apartment exchanges”, in which private owners advertise apartments, or current tenants are looking to sign over their lease to someone new. There are also people who deal with general topics related to the city of Cologne. So it’s worth having a closer look there as well – often there are attractive offers hidden here, too. Furnished apartments and rooms can also be found regularly among various CBS-related groups, since CBS graduates often look for new tenants to take over their lease. In any case, the following applies: It doesn’t cost anything to ask. You also never know who is reading the messages on your wall. This has also proven to be surprising quite often.


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