Master GM - Marketing Management

Study language German Intake Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Master in Marketing Management within the General Management degree programme

Pinpoint trends. Develop concepts that span the globe. Drive products through price, packaging, distribution and advertising with inspiring messages in cost-effective communication channels: marketing activities on an international level are strategically coordinated and determine the image, brand value, customer loyalty and, as a result, a company’s success.

Senior marketing executives at international corporations and large companies are characterized by broad understanding of economic know-how, combined with up-to-date marketing expertise, the ability to think strategically, and excellent personal characteristics. You can acquire all of these skills by doing your Marketing Management Master’s at Cologne Business School.

A Business Administration Master including Marketing Management

Marketing Management is one of three elective specializations in the General Management programme, which is taught in German. The content specifically targets management activities in international corporations. In the general part of your studies, you take courses like macroeconomics, strategic management, law, CSR and sourcing. These will help you understand marketing as one component within the complete corporate context.

Overview of marketing strategies

Later on in your career, it will be your task to decide whether to implement proven or unconventional strategies. In the first semester, you will be confronted with a variety of marketing strategies, approaches for the integrated use of marketing activities and current developments – and with real-life case studies.

Manage Distribution

The second semester deals with the topic of marketing policy. Sales and marketing are closely linked, but the relationship between these divisions is tense in many companies. Good marketing managers develop holistic strategies that integrate marketing and sales in order to successfully navigate the market, for example, through pricing policy and the selection of distribution channels. We provide you with best practices.

Design management

In saturated markets, many similar products have the same characteristics – all the way up to product price. Design is a key selling factor, especially for consumer goods such as smartphones or detergents, but also for investment goods. In the third semester, you will learn how marketing design and design life cycles can be managed.

New trends in marketing

One third-semester course deals with trends in marketing. It is important to be on the cutting edge, but it is equally important to observe new developments analytically and to critically question hypes. We show you the possibilities of online and social media, developments in mobile marketing, ideas for exploiting augmented reality and much more. The contents of the course are updated each semester and adapted to current developments in marketing and sales both scientifically and in practice.

Practice and personality

You will learn to work scientifically and shall apply your knowledge to your Master’s thesis, which you write in the fourth semester – as part of a company project if you like. This is an ideal opportunity to harness your commitment and expertise, and therefore, market yourself for a position in that company. You can also write the thesis during a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. An eight-week internship and courses with contents such as creative thinking or team and self-management complete your competency profile.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

Career opportunities can be found in product or brand management in the marketing departments of large corporations, international companies and SMEs. Digital, advertising, and media agencies also offer entry-level opportunities; also interesting, for example, is the field of strategic planning. And if you want to pursue a doctorate, your Master’s in Marketing Management also makes you eligible for that academic career.

Consultation? We’ve got you covered

We recommend that you set up a personal study consultation or visit our information evenings, study information days as well as an individual trial lecture.

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