Master GM - Controlling & Financial Management

Study language German Intake Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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The General Management Master’s degree program in Controlling and Financial Management

Financial figures and their changes show how a company is really ordered – a challenging task in a globally complex financial and economic landscape. Financial managers in companies and at financial services providers identify key data and arrange results, values and risks to make sustainable and strategic decisions. Are you looking for a career in this field? Then a Master’s in Controlling and Financial Management from Cologne Business School will open doors for you. Here you will learn theoretical and practical knowledge while improving your soft skills, so that you can achieve your career goals in middle and upper management as a junior specialist or executive. A prerequisite for admission into the Master’s program is a first academic degree in the area of economic sciences.

A business administration degree forms the framework

Controlling and Financial Management is one of four options in the General Management program, which is taught in German – a fully-fledged Master’s degree program focusing on management activities in international corporations. In the general part of your studies, you take courses like macroeconomics, strategic management, law, CSR and sourcing. These offer a broad knowledge of economic sciences and are the prerequisite for understanding the complete figures of large corporations.

Mastering controlling

In the first semester, you will learn more about the subject of controlling with the help of theories and examples: How is information obtained from internal and external sources, which forms of cost accounting are available, and which instruments of operational and strategic controlling are used for which purpose?

Finance plus management

In the second semester, you will deepen your knowledge in the complex field of value-oriented corporate management. In doing so, you will learn how a company’s value can also be increased beyond just sales and profits, for example, by raising its appeal among stakeholders, such as employees, customers and investors. Here as well, there are key figures, control measures and incentive instruments. This management philosophy also has an impact on the external communication of a corporation’s financial position since, among other things, financial reporting in keeping with U.S. GAAP places high demands on the quality of investor relations.

Evaluate companies and risks

The third semester is about company valuation: What are the fundamentals, functions and procedures for evaluating whether the takeover of a company is a good opportunity, for what price a company should be sold or whether a credit application is realistic – keeping measurable figures in mind as well as assumptions regarding market environment? In the course International Risk Management you will learn how entrepreneurial risk can be controlled in the face of uncertainties, fluctuations in exchange rates and the dynamics of international political and economic shifts.

Science and practical relevance

You learn how to work scientifically and you prove your abilities when composing your Master’s thesis in the fourth semester. Many students combine theory and practice by making their thesis into a project at a company. You can also write your thesis during a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. And during an internship lasting at least eight weeks, you will be able to apply your newly acquired skills professionally as you gain experience and expand your network.

Diverse career opportunities

Experts in controlling and financial management often work in the private sector, in corporate consultancies or for internal auditing firms, focusing mainly on controlling, accounting or bookkeeping. You can also pursue careers with financial services providers such as (investment) banks, (re-)insurers and investment companies. And not to be forgotten: the public sector is always looking for young academic leaders as well – tax authorities, financial supervising authorities or the ECB. You want to go for a PhD? Also possible.

Let us advise you

Don’t let any questions go unanswered. Set up an individual study consultation or come to one of our info evenings, study information days. You can also get a taste for yourself by testing us out in a trial lecture.

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