Bachelor GM - Logistic and Supply Chain Management

Study language German Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Major in Logistic and Supply Chain Management (General Management)

Procurement, production, distribution and disposal: Supply chain managers coordinate and synchronize the supply chain from start to finish, are responsible for adhering to deadlines and have to keep the costs in mind. Without them, the world economy would come to a standstill. They are the ties that bind. This makes them highly sought-after experts. Cologne Business School offers a study in logistic and supply chain management as one of two elective specializations within the General Management degree programme. In addition to basic business principles, you will become very familiar with the world of logistic and supply chain management from the 3rd semester onward. Instruction includes topics such as strategic procurement and supplier management, distribution management or sustainable supply chains. This prepares you for many employment opportunities in numerous, interesting professions and companies.

Ready for digitization and automation

Logistic and supply chain management will change massively over the next few years. Networking, digitization, automation. And you can get started with the most up-to-date academic knowledge. This is best illustrated using the example of a smartphone: For the production of the glass displays, quartz sand has to be shipped from a supplier to glass manufacturers. To do so order quantity predictions generated using big-data analysis are combined with production capacity forecasts for the individual plants. In order for ensure the displays arrive at the factory at the right time, the display manufacturing unit is also monitored online and integrated into the entire production system. Every step in the supply chain is monitored and controlled.

Logistics is the heart of the global economy

A world economy only works when goods reliably arrive from A to B. In your Logistic and Supply Chain Management studies, you will learn to see processes from an economist’s perspective and to make business decisions accordingly. How to exploit lost time intelligently during sea freight is well exemplified with bananas: the commodity is harvested in South and Central America while still green before continuing to mature on the ship and ripened to perfection in chambers in Europe so that when they arrive at the supermarket, they have reached the optimal maturity level.

Supply chains are international business

Regardless of whether you manage supply chains for a logistics company, an automotive manufacturer, a supplier or a small to medium-sized enterprise, you will always have contact with foreign partners and customers. Excellent English is a must. And that is what you learn at CBS, because English courses are automatically included in the study curriculum. Or you can directly choose to study International Business, which is in English only. CBS puts great emphasis on practical experience so that you do not have to conquer the job market as a greenhorn: a compulsory internship, course contents from real-life business cases and soft skills courses where, for example, you improve your negotiating skills.

2 elective specializations included

Pick a second area of expertise to specialize in. Recommendations: Marketing Management or International Management.

Financial Management: controlling, risk management and more
International Management: foreign trade, market entry and more
Marketing Management: consumer behavior, product policy and more
Management and Human Resources Management: leadership, labor law and more
Business Psychology: consumer psychology, organisational psychology and more

Excellent career prospects

As a future supply chain manager, a myriad of potential employers and tasks present themselves to you. Large logistics companies offer a wide array of specialties; some have their own internal consulting or innovation departments. There are other challenges for industrial corporations, where complex procurement processes and their optimization are paramount. And working with algorithms and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly commonplace in business in order to match purchasing quantities with probable sales volumes. Our Career Service has a good overview of the career market and will be pleased to advise you.

Thought-out advisory services

Make an appointment for a personal study consultation, get a taste of studies by visiting a trial lecture or come to one of our information events or study information days.

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