Guest Students (Trial Lectures)

Get a Taste of What Studying at CBS Feels Like

Studying at CBS International Business School feels different than at other universities. Experience the difference as a guest student at one of our trial lectures, which are offered each semester, and get an impression of the campus, lecturers, professors, and your future fellow students. The experience is free, and no commitment is necessary. And to make sure you receive a first-hand impression of CBS, a “study buddy” will spend the whole day with you. Attend any lectures you like regardless of subject or level. If you are not fully sure whether a certain degree programme is the right one for you, or how much you are interested in a study programme’s course contents, this is the ideal opportunity to find out.

Guest Students at CBS
Get a glimpe of CBS by spending a day as a guest students

Be our Guest Student for a day or two

However long you need for a trial study at CBS is entirely up to you: a period from one hour to two days is possible. And since you are here already, why not take advantage of the opportunity for an in-depth study consultation?
Because we want to organize your trial lecture visit to the best of our ability, please let us know ahead of time. You can get started by filling out a contact form. Then, we will look for dates and times with interesting lectures and coordinate with a study buddy before getting back to you with appointment suggestions. We look forward to your interest!

Register Now & Spend a day at CBS as a Guest Student

Please note that we are currently in the semester break and can only offer trial lectures during the lecture times. Further information about the semester dates can be found here.

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