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CBS Education Fund

In conjunction with Brain Capital the CBS reverse generational contract provides all students the opportunity to finance their studies with ease and without worry. And a tuition option allows for both full or only partial coverage of fees. Repayment is flexible and income based and does not commence until after completion of studies. The unique feature here is that prior to beginning your studies, the percentage for repayment is determined in proportion to the gross income later on.

If you are interested in the CBS reverse generational contract and want to learn more, visit the CBS Education Fund’s website or download our Brochure on Financing.

Further financing options are also available from the following loans and education funds. Information on these is available on the respective websites or in our Brochure on Financing.

CBS Cologne Business School
CBS Cologne Business School

Public Funding


Application for benefits under the Federal Educational Assistance Act (BAföG) can be requested through Cologne Student Services at the Federal Office of Administration upon proof that conditions are met for individual support. For more information, see the Brochure on Financing or visit the website for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Public Scholarships provide a customized solution for financing studies. Scholarships are offered by numerous state-funded and private institutions. In addition to the foundations listed above, you will find a larger selection of the most important funding institutions in our brochure on financing.

A wide range of scholarships can also be found at the following Internet address:

CBS Cologne Business School

Foreign Student Scholarship
This scholarship was designed exclusively for new international students (Bachelor, Master and fulltime MBA) who intent to study at Cologne Business School. Each year CBS awards scholarships as a reduction of the tuition fee to talented foreign students. The level of scholarship (25%, 50% and 75% of the tuition fee) mainly depends on the skills and the financing need of the applicant.
More detailed information on the application process and requirements can be found at Foreign Student Scholarship or in our Brochure on Financing.

Germany Scholarship
The “Germany Scholarship” promotes especially gifted and strong students. The scholarships in the amount of 300 euros per month are jointly funded by corporations, foundations or private individuals, and the federal government. More detailed information on the application process and requirements can be found at Germany Scholarship or in our Brochure on Financing.

Student Loans and Education Funds

Loans for living expenses and tuition fees are awarded exclusively for educational training and study purposes and are specially designed to meet the needs and circumstances of students. What’s unique as opposed to a normal loan is the monthly annuity rather than a lump-sum payment. For a larger selection of student loans and education funds, please see our Brochure on Financing.

Financing Semesters Abroad

BAföG Abroad

Federal Education Assistance (BaföG) for studies / internships abroad is usually possible after a year of study. Even though you might not have been entitled to claim BaföG domestically, you should check eligibility for your semester abroad. Information on BAföG can be found in our brochure on financing. You can also find more information on the Internet at

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships

For information about the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst), please consult our brochure on financing or visit the the DAAD website.

ERASMUS Scholarships

ERASMUS is a European exchange program for students; the scholarships are awarded directly by CBS. For information, see our brochure on financing, or visit the European Commission website.

CBS Cologne Business School

Additional Information

Tax Deductibility

All costs associated with studies are generally tax deductible. For detailed information, please contact a tax advisor or one of our financial advisors.

Student Jobs

With part-time work and small jobs several students help finance their studies and supplement their living expenses. Student jobs may also provide advantages when entering their career after graduating. However, one should bear in mind the impact of such earnings on other financial sources of income. If the monthly income is above €450, student loans like BaföG will be reduced.

Working at CBS

CBS provides employment to its students in various fields, whether in teaching as a student assistant or in different departments of the administration. In addition, CBS’s Career Services posts offers for current vacancies to CBS students on a job board.

CBS Cologne Business School


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